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What do you know

What do you know about the shyness?How you define, what people with whom you live or work, are timid?What provokes feeling of shyness?How often it arises?How strongly it is expressed?What do you feel and of what think when you are visited by shyness?How it is reflected in your behavior?How you coped with such reactions earlier?In the previous chapter we asked you to pay attention to what person you are, on your roots, the current life situation and to what you go.

Begin with

Mixed mixed, mixed LESSONS Part second Occupations with on Find compliance to a numerical card with the corresponding numerical card.Begin with occupation task , all equations should be written with figures.Be convinced that the answer to be on a reverse side of a card.Occupation with on : the mixed equations Begin each lesson, showing three different numerical cards from to , then show three equations, using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Besides, the correct

Therefore in some cases if at the child the rough not formation of predlozhnopadezhny structures is noted, the logopedist can recommend to parents of this child to pass additional inspection at the neuropsychologist or the special psychologist for the purpose of detection of safety of a visual gnozis or level of formation of spatial representations.Besides, the correct use of predlozhnopadezhny designs assumes possession of semantics of pretexts as lexical units.However at preschool age as scientific literature testifies, pretexts as independent words are not realized by children without special training.

She raised

The little girl sitting opposite to me very long confusedly shivered, and it was visible that the baby needs to leave.She raised a hand, but Mrs.Beckman of it did not notice.The girl started shaking a hand, did not draw, at last, attention of the teacher yet.What happened, the young lady?You did not think up anything better, than to wave a hand before my nose when pupils answer?You have to learn to conduct yourself; wait when I finish a lesson, and then you can ask if it is so urgent.


And also to record in the protocol of inspection of a mistake of the child in use of lexical means.It needs to be made in order that on the following analytical a stage of inspection to analyse character of mistakes.Except research of volume of a lexicon, it is possible to recommend to carry out with the senior preschool children a number of tests for identification of level of proficiency in semantics of the word.For this purpose existenceabsence at children of figurative sense of the word on a number of examples, and also possibility of selection of antonyms and synonyms to words of various morphological categories comes to light.

The Moor

Lola Latin: weeds.Lolita Spanish: grief, grief.Lorna drevnegermansky: left.Lyubava Old Russian: darling.Love old Slavic: darling.Lyudmila old Slavic: lovely to people.Lucia Lyutsin, Lucian, Lyuchiya Latin, mastered by Poles: light, shining.The Moor Ancient Greek: dark, opaque.Magdalene Hebrew: from the Palestinian city of Magdala.Madina Arab: city.The Maya two origins: in Ancient Greek mythology the goddess, Hermess mother; in the Indian religious mythology the progenitress of all live, the Universe.

At children

And it changes their relation to a task, conducts to an assessment of own actions and differentiation correct and wrong.At children more generalized perception of surrounding reality is formed, they start comprehending own actions, to predict the course of the elementary phenomena, to understand the elementary temporary and causal dependences.The training aimed at the development of thinking has a great influence and on speech development of the child: promotes storing of words, formation of the main functions of the speech fixing, informative, planning.

The third

The second section included igryuprazhneniye in the course of which acquaint children with problem practical situations, learn to analyze these situations and to use predmetyzamestitel.The third section is made by igryuprazhneniye during which at preschool children ways of orientation in the conditions of a problem practical task, and also a method of tests as the main way of the solution of naglyadnodeystvenny tasks are formed.The fourth section contains igryuprazhneniye on definition of the reason which broke the habitual course of action or the phenomenon.

To remember

Rostock cried: A rook, help!The caterpillar wants to eat me.The Rook heard the Sprout voice, grabbed the Caterpillar and was such is.Thanked him Rostock.And turned into the handsome Podsolnukh in the summer and treated a rook with the sunflower seeds.Subject: SPRING To consider together with the child of the picture.To remember and call seasons.To specify sequence of change of seasons.To ask the child, whether he knows, what season now?

E prod. M. : Academic

The footwear

Sandals, shoes, boots, trousers.The footwear is washed, erased, carried, wiped.The footwear is sewed, washed, ironed, given.Exercise Who without what?: People need to repair footwear, and they came to the shoemaker.Connect lines footwear and its owner.Make offers on a sample: The father without sneaker.Etc.Consider footwear in a workshop of the shoemaker and tell, whose footwear and without what details was brought to him on repair.

A few years

If you did not work, you fined for shilling Some, including and several teachers, with pleasure got off with penalties.From those who worked, the majority constantly looked at the watch.In work there was even no game shadow and consequently, it caused boredom in all.The law was put again for discussion, and children cancelled it almost unanimously.A few years ago the insulator was necessary for Sammerkhill for patients.We decided to construct it the simple building of a brick and cement.

This field

If frustration extends on the speech movements, there are errors of a choice of articulation ways, mixture of relatives artikuly Zritelnoprostranstvenny information is processed by tertiary fields of the second functional the block which are zones of overlapping of parietal and occipital areas.This field integrates activity of kinestetichesky and visual analyzers.This component of functional system of reading provides orientation to the page planes, observance of sequence of reading of words, lines etc.

It is under

The timid personality tries to hide behind a safe curtain of passive anonymity, endowing freedom, disappearing from vital passions.It is under such circumstances easier to achieve blind obedience, and fanatical grassroots movements easily find stalwarts.Each of us seeks to lead the filled, rich life.To reach it, we have to be liberated, destroy internal barriers, find new friends, begin new novels.It is not simple.But there are certain ways how to help timid people to find confidence.

The experienced

At general meetings of school the voice of the sixyearold child means as much, how many mine.The experienced person, of course, will tell that in practice all solve voices of adults.Unless the sixyearold child before raising a hand, will not look at how you vote?I that it really sometimes so arrived would like, and that too many my offers fail.If children are free, it is not so easy to affect them, and the reason in absence of fear.Of course, absence of fear the finest that can be in the childs life.

In particular, as the sign

If to accept such bases for an assessment, it is possible to tell: Children are full of hot interest in life, in them there is also no trace of boredom or apathy.All school is penetrated by the atmosphere of satisfaction with life and tolerance of all associates on the relation to each other.In particular, as the sign of success of work of school attachment which to it the former pupils test it can serve.On average to former pupils come to school on performances and evenings concerning the termination of a semester, very many choose school as the vacation spot during holiday from them.

The main

It is better to eat lying, small portions.The food is recommended to be cooled.These days it is necessary to abstain from meat and dairy food and if it is difficult to refuse from dairy, it is better to use fermented milk products, they are easier acquired.The main food for the pregnant woman is porridges, vegetables, freshly cooked juice and fruit.Why porridges became so important?Why I recommend porridges?Yes because welcome grain now, the only food with very low content of herbicides.

The special

Loading is given on all mobile bodies of the articulation device: lips, cheeks, language, lower jaw, soft palate.The special attention is paid to those bodies and those muscles which participate in pronouncing a defective sound and do not participate in pronouncing safe sounds.At first exercises are carried out in a game form at the level of the involuntary movements imitations of vital articulation positions: Show how you kiss mother as the cat a uvula drinks up milk, lick a spoon with jam, reach language a nose.


Too narrow dairy channels appeared the reason of a laktostaz.Arishka sucked badly, was lazy, and milk stayed everything and stayed.Leaving hospitable and comfortable maternity hospital of Torzhok to which medical staff she was madly grateful for the treasure, Oksana and could not imagine that waits for it out of its walls, in what mad waste she should spend the next three months.I, perhaps, will interrupt on this interesting place.And that Oksana had to worry upon return home, I will tell in the second part of Notes.

Ways of shyness

If to be absolutely exact, among muzhchinstudent and teachers of colleges it is developed even a little more, than among them kollegzhenshchin, but for some other groups of the population the return proportional ratio which changes depending on the country or an occupation layer of society is observed.Ways of shyness are inscrutable, and sometimes it strikes even those who never suffered from it earlier.The share of such people makes slightly less than a half from total number recognized themselves timid at the time of poll.

ZZ Fishes, the Maiden. Is not in harmony

At incredibly

It from those women who consider that nothing to do to the father in a rodbloka.Because childbirth is a sacrament of mother and child.Nastya was adjusted on long and difficult delivery.Because it had such first experience of a rodorazresheniye.She gave birth to the daughter sixteen hours.At incredibly painful reductions the uterus neck persistently did not want to reveal, doctors had to do it MANUALLY.A result numerous internal gaps, the sheer breakdown and awful memoirs.


Inshakova, A.N.Kornev, I.N.Sadovnikova noted at children with a dyslexia of disorder of spatial orientation, zritelnomotorny coordination, insufficient formation of a visual memory.However specifics of violations of reading at younger school students with not formation of visual functions remain still undescribed.Identification of the diagnostic criteria of a dyslexia on a basis the standardized assessment skill of reading As logopedic practice in our country has no accurate kachestvennokolichestvenny criteria on the basis of which it would be possible to carry out objective diagnostics of violations of reading, we made an attempt to develop such standardized procedure.

The name

Leonid correlated on value to the previous name is conformable with middle names Viktorovich, Alekseevich, Yuryevich, Anatolyevich, Danilovich, Borisovich.The name which is often found at registration of newborns Makar successfully is combined with middle names Grigoryevich, Alekseevich, Mironovich, Vladimirovich, Ivanovich.On former a popular name Maxim creates the accord with middle names Petrovich, Alekseevich, Efimovich, Ivanovich, Sergeyevich, Borisovich, Yaroslavovich.

Who will

One will tell, and to listen to everything and to notice, whether everything is told.And then we will go on the room and we will look for the same toy, absolutely, absolutely identical.Who will find the first and will bring it on a table, that and will tell about it.The teacher specifies that it is necessary to bring a toy only identical and it is necessary to look for it on all room.Who the first saw a toy, runs to a table, puts it, the others come back to the places.

Pregnant. Remember, I told


All mistakes recorded during inspection were grouped according to the allocated types.The mistakes noticed and corrected by the child independently during reading too joined in total of mistakes.Analyzing reading the pupils who are at the first, second and third steps we did not consider as mistakes repetitions of sounds, letters, syllables, words and offers.We chose such approach to the analysis of mistakes, following N.A.Bernsteins representations according to which at a stage of mastering of any skill operational structure repetitions carry out a supporting role, vopervy in relation to reading, providing deduction in shortterm memory of earlier read syllables, words, and vovtory, allowing to unite read in parts analytically in the uniform synthetic whole.

To tell, than

To connect lines of different flowers each fish to a place of her dwelling the sea, the river, an aquarium.To explain to the child of concept predatory and And irnye fishes.To tell, than predatory fishes whitebaits of fishes, small fishes, frogs, peace fishes larvae of insects, insects, seaweed, aquarian fishes a special forage eat.Call exercise tenderly.Sample: a herring a seledochka.Perch A ruff Pike Som Exercise Recognize a small fish.

Too there

Too there is a lot of in our country of such marginal families.But!Of what other families are guilty which, by the way, the majority?Why because of the drunks neigbour, normal parents were not given the chance to spend two hundred fifty thousand for nipples, babys undershirts, massage and school of early development?On good repair in the apartment?On the car for all family?Or garage?Eventually, at each family the needs.

A few years

All the rest excuses.The reason for which I am not afraid that the senior pupils of Sammerkhill living here with the early childhood will appear in intimacy, is simple I know that I deal not with those children, whose interest in sex was suppressed and, therefore, gained unnatural character.A few years ago to us two pupils almost at the same time arrived: the young man of years from private mens school and the girl of years from private womens school.They fell in love each other and always were together.

But in such

It did the same, coming back after vacation to Sammerkhill.I am more and more convinced that if children have opportunity to get rid of the complexes in the conditions of freedom, in therapy there is no need.But in such cases as with George, one freedom it appears insufficiently.I had to give personal lessons to thieves more than once, and I saw how they improved, but were at me and pilferer who refused these lessons.Nevertheless in three years of freedom also these boys improved.


Exercise Father, mother, cubs.Consider cubs of animals.Call the father, mother and cub on a sample.Sample: elephant, elephant cow, elephant calf, elephant calves.Exercise Pick up a sign, pick up action.Finish offers pick up and call as much as possible slovpriznak, slovdeystviye.Elephant what?huge, heavy, strong, clever, hardy An elephant that does?goes, runs, looks for a forage, lifts, transports freights, bathes, protects cubs, blows Exercise How to tell in a different way?

Finish offers

In the winter the sun dim, and in the spring .In the winter days cold, and in the spring .In the winter weather often cloudy, and in the spring .Exercise Was seen, not seen: Tanya and Vanya walked in park.Draw in the table subjects which they saw there.Finish offers on a sample.Children saw three nesting boxes, but did not notice five nesting boxes.Call flowers which appear the first in the spring.As, you think why they are called primroses?

Too many

Only the fiddleheaded fool can consider the work as the last word in any area, the world is simply obliged to find the best way.Because the policy will not rescue mankind, it was never able to do it.The majority of political newspapers are filled with hatred, always only one hatred.Too many become socialists not because love poor but because hate the rich.Unless there can be at us happy families living in love if the home is a small corner of the homeland, in hundreds of ways daily showing hatred?

In the same

The special child studied in the th class.Its estimates were bad in comparison with his sister from the rd class, and the first graders brother.Parents did not understand why its estimates are worse, than at the brother with the sister.His mother came to my lecture and understood that it did harm to his reason.In the same evening she embraced him strong and apologized before him for that that offended him that he felt the guilty.To her surprise, he started giving more correct answers than his brother with the sister in games such as ESP game and game in memory, games which develop software.

Time of an exposition

The I Size of ranks with subject images was equal cm that at the set distance from the examinees eyes to the monitor corresponded to angular degrees.Time of an exposition of incentives milliseconds.In total during the first and second subtests various rows were shown to each child.Research was conducted in the conditions of binocular sight.Assessment of results.The program automatically fixed time spent for an identification and reproduction of incentives, volume and sequence of the reproduced incentives in the individual electronic protocol of each child.

Valeria Latin: strong, from

Bogdana Slavic: God given, from a mans name Bogdan.Bogigul Tajik: cultivated flower.Bozena other form of Bogdan: Godgiven, divine.Banat Latin: pretty, pretty, graceful.Borislava Slavic: fighting for glory, from a mans name Borislav.Bronislava Slavic: the nice defender, from a mans name Bronislav.Valentina Latin: healthy, from a mans name Valentin.Valeria Latin: strong, from a mans name Valery.Arose as the Roman patrimonial name.

And it is possible

In the first year of life the child, without saying words, observes, satisfies requests, plays.And it is possible to call all this preparation for verbal expression of.The we will pay more attention during this period to development of its feelings, physiology, the more often we will explain with words that occurs around, the its language when it grows up will be brighter and richer.Mother the untrained teacher of literature does it spontaneously, unconsciously, without understanding, what miracle she creates.

Maria the name

Vera it is recognized as purely Russian name, but actually it was inherited from Ancient Greek language, a literal translation of the Greek name Pistis.The true sense of this name was lost over time therefore on the Russian soil it began to mean belief.Maria the name which came from Hebrew language.Having finally fixed in language, it began to bear bitter value, however in the initial version which is very difficult for restoring, the name Maria had opposite value favourite, desired.

A threestage

Then the child a pencil draws a line on paper, measures result and writes down in cm and mm..Then by means of a ruler measures growth of a doll and writes down rezultat.A threestage lesson about decimeters and meters by means of color strips: dm = cm, m = cm.By means of a roulette the child measures a chair, a table, a case.Writes down results in cm, dm and l.The comment A particular interest causes process of measurement of the growth, growth of companions, the teacher.


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