But in such

But in such It did the same, coming back after vacation to Sammerkhill.

I am more and more convinced that if children have opportunity to get rid of the complexes in the conditions of freedom, in therapy there is no need.

But in such cases as with George, one freedom it appears insufficiently.

I had to give personal lessons to thieves more than once, and I saw how they improved, but were at me and pilferer who refused these lessons.

Nevertheless in three years of freedom also these boys improved.

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Exercise Exercise Father, mother, cubs.

Consider cubs of animals.

Call the father, mother and cub on a sample.

Sample: elephant, elephant cow, elephant calf, elephant calves.

Exercise Pick up a sign, pick up action.

Finish offers pick up and call as much as possible slovpriznak, slovdeystviye.

Elephant what?

huge, heavy, strong, clever, hardy An elephant that does?

goes, runs, looks for a forage, lifts, transports freights, bathes, protects cubs, blows Exercise How to tell in a different way?

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Finish offers

Finish offers In the winter the sun dim, and in the spring .

In the winter days cold, and in the spring .

In the winter weather often cloudy, and in the spring .

Exercise Was seen, not seen: Tanya and Vanya walked in park.

Draw in the table subjects which they saw there.

Finish offers on a sample.

Children saw three nesting boxes, but did not notice five nesting boxes.

Call flowers which appear the first in the spring.

As, you think why they are called primroses?

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Too many

Too many Only the fiddleheaded fool can consider the work as the last word in any area, the world is simply obliged to find the best way.

Because the policy will not rescue mankind, it was never able to do it.

The majority of political newspapers are filled with hatred, always only one hatred.

Too many become socialists not because love poor but because hate the rich.

Unless there can be at us happy families living in love if the home is a small corner of the homeland, in hundreds of ways daily showing hatred?

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In the same

In the same The special child studied in the th class.

Its estimates were bad in comparison with his sister from the rd class, and the first graders brother.

Parents did not understand why its estimates are worse, than at the brother with the sister.

His mother came to my lecture and understood that it did harm to his reason.

In the same evening she embraced him strong and apologized before him for that that offended him that he felt the guilty.

To her surprise, he started giving more correct answers than his brother with the sister in games such as ESP game and game in memory, games which develop software.

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Time of an exposition

Time of an exposition The I Size of ranks with subject images was equal cm that at the set distance from the examinees eyes to the monitor corresponded to angular degrees.

Time of an exposition of incentives milliseconds.

In total during the first and second subtests various rows were shown to each child.

Research was conducted in the conditions of binocular sight.

Assessment of results.

The program automatically fixed time spent for an identification and reproduction of incentives, volume and sequence of the reproduced incentives in the individual electronic protocol of each child.

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