Arishka Too narrow dairy channels appeared the reason of a laktostaz.

Arishka sucked badly, was lazy, and milk stayed everything and stayed.

Leaving hospitable and comfortable maternity hospital of Torzhok to which medical staff she was madly grateful for the treasure, Oksana and could not imagine that waits for it out of its walls, in what mad waste she should spend the next three months.

I, perhaps, will interrupt on this interesting place.

And that Oksana had to worry upon return home, I will tell in the second part of Notes.

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Ways of shyness

Ways of shyness If to be absolutely exact, among muzhchinstudent and teachers of colleges it is developed even a little more, than among them kollegzhenshchin, but for some other groups of the population the return proportional ratio which changes depending on the country or an occupation layer of society is observed.

Ways of shyness are inscrutable, and sometimes it strikes even those who never suffered from it earlier.

The share of such people makes slightly less than a half from total number recognized themselves timid at the time of poll.

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ZZ Fishes, the Maiden. Is not in harmony

ZZ Fishes, the Maiden. Is not in harmony Does not suit signs of elements of Air and Fire at all.

A stone lazurite.

Valentin Color lilac, pink, blue.

ZZ Fishes, the Maiden.

Is not in harmony with signs of elements of Fire.

A stone a jasper.

Valery Color brick, scarlet and lemon.

ZZ the Aries, Fishes, is less Aquarius and Twins.

You should not give such name to Maidens and Scales.

A stone a moonstone.

Vasily Color cornflowerblue, blue.

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At incredibly

At incredibly It from those women who consider that nothing to do to the father in a rodbloka.

Because childbirth is a sacrament of mother and child.

Nastya was adjusted on long and difficult delivery.

Because it had such first experience of a rodorazresheniye.

She gave birth to the daughter sixteen hours.

At incredibly painful reductions the uterus neck persistently did not want to reveal, doctors had to do it MANUALLY.

A result numerous internal gaps, the sheer breakdown and awful memoirs.

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However Inshakova, A.


Kornev, I.


Sadovnikova noted at children with a dyslexia of disorder of spatial orientation, zritelnomotorny coordination, insufficient formation of a visual memory.

However specifics of violations of reading at younger school students with not formation of visual functions remain still undescribed.

Identification of the diagnostic criteria of a dyslexia on a basis the standardized assessment skill of reading As logopedic practice in our country has no accurate kachestvennokolichestvenny criteria on the basis of which it would be possible to carry out objective diagnostics of violations of reading, we made an attempt to develop such standardized procedure.

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The name

The name Leonid correlated on value to the previous name is conformable with middle names Viktorovich, Alekseevich, Yuryevich, Anatolyevich, Danilovich, Borisovich.

The name which is often found at registration of newborns Makar successfully is combined with middle names Grigoryevich, Alekseevich, Mironovich, Vladimirovich, Ivanovich.

On former a popular name Maxim creates the accord with middle names Petrovich, Alekseevich, Efimovich, Ivanovich, Sergeyevich, Borisovich, Yaroslavovich.

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