This field

This field If frustration extends on the speech movements, there are errors of a choice of articulation ways, mixture of relatives artikuly Zritelnoprostranstvenny information is processed by tertiary fields of the second functional the block which are zones of overlapping of parietal and occipital areas.

This field integrates activity of kinestetichesky and visual analyzers.

This component of functional system of reading provides orientation to the page planes, observance of sequence of reading of words, lines etc.

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It is under

It is under The timid personality tries to hide behind a safe curtain of passive anonymity, endowing freedom, disappearing from vital passions.

It is under such circumstances easier to achieve blind obedience, and fanatical grassroots movements easily find stalwarts.

Each of us seeks to lead the filled, rich life.

To reach it, we have to be liberated, destroy internal barriers, find new friends, begin new novels.

It is not simple.

But there are certain ways how to help timid people to find confidence.

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The experienced

The experienced At general meetings of school the voice of the sixyearold child means as much, how many mine.

The experienced person, of course, will tell that in practice all solve voices of adults.

Unless the sixyearold child before raising a hand, will not look at how you vote?

I that it really sometimes so arrived would like, and that too many my offers fail.

If children are free, it is not so easy to affect them, and the reason in absence of fear.

Of course, absence of fear the finest that can be in the childs life.

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In particular, as the sign

In particular, as the sign If to accept such bases for an assessment, it is possible to tell: Children are full of hot interest in life, in them there is also no trace of boredom or apathy.

All school is penetrated by the atmosphere of satisfaction with life and tolerance of all associates on the relation to each other.

In particular, as the sign of success of work of school attachment which to it the former pupils test it can serve.

On average to former pupils come to school on performances and evenings concerning the termination of a semester, very many choose school as the vacation spot during holiday from them.

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The main

The main It is better to eat lying, small portions.

The food is recommended to be cooled.

These days it is necessary to abstain from meat and dairy food and if it is difficult to refuse from dairy, it is better to use fermented milk products, they are easier acquired.

The main food for the pregnant woman is porridges, vegetables, freshly cooked juice and fruit.

Why porridges became so important?

Why I recommend porridges?

Yes because welcome grain now, the only food with very low content of herbicides.

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The special

The special Loading is given on all mobile bodies of the articulation device: lips, cheeks, language, lower jaw, soft palate.

The special attention is paid to those bodies and those muscles which participate in pronouncing a defective sound and do not participate in pronouncing safe sounds.

At first exercises are carried out in a game form at the level of the involuntary movements imitations of vital articulation positions: Show how you kiss mother as the cat a uvula drinks up milk, lick a spoon with jam, reach language a nose.

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