But in such

But in such It did the same, coming back after vacation to Sammerkhill.

I am more and more convinced that if children have opportunity to get rid of the complexes in the conditions of freedom, in therapy there is no need.

But in such cases as with George, one freedom it appears insufficiently.

I had to give personal lessons to thieves more than once, and I saw how they improved, but were at me and pilferer who refused these lessons.

Nevertheless in three years of freedom also these boys improved.

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Exercise Exercise Father, mother, cubs.

Consider cubs of animals.

Call the father, mother and cub on a sample.

Sample: elephant, elephant cow, elephant calf, elephant calves.

Exercise Pick up a sign, pick up action.

Finish offers pick up and call as much as possible slovpriznak, slovdeystviye.

Elephant what?

huge, heavy, strong, clever, hardy An elephant that does?

goes, runs, looks for a forage, lifts, transports freights, bathes, protects cubs, blows Exercise How to tell in a different way?

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  • In particular, as the sign
  • Too there
  • E prod. M. : Academic
  • And it is possible
  • Valeria Latin: strong, from
  • What do you know
  • Exercise
  • baby
  • ZZ Fishes, the Maiden. Is not in harmony
  • Finish offers