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Time of an exposition

Time of an exposition The I Size of ranks with subject images was equal cm that at the set distance from the examinees eyes to the monitor corresponded to angular degrees.

Time of an exposition of incentives milliseconds.

In total during the first and second subtests various rows were shown to each child.

Research was conducted in the conditions of binocular sight.

Assessment of results.

The program automatically fixed time spent for an identification and reproduction of incentives, volume and sequence of the reproduced incentives in the individual electronic protocol of each child.

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Valeria Latin: strong, from

Valeria Latin: strong, from Bogdana Slavic: God given, from a mans name Bogdan.

Bogigul Tajik: cultivated flower.

Bozena other form of Bogdan: Godgiven, divine.

Banat Latin: pretty, pretty, graceful.

Borislava Slavic: fighting for glory, from a mans name Borislav.

Bronislava Slavic: the nice defender, from a mans name Bronislav.

Valentina Latin: healthy, from a mans name Valentin.

Valeria Latin: strong, from a mans name Valery.

Arose as the Roman patrimonial name.

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And it is possible

And it is possible In the first year of life the child, without saying words, observes, satisfies requests, plays.

And it is possible to call all this preparation for verbal expression of.

The we will pay more attention during this period to development of its feelings, physiology, the more often we will explain with words that occurs around, the its language when it grows up will be brighter and richer.

Mother the untrained teacher of literature does it spontaneously, unconsciously, without understanding, what miracle she creates.

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Maria the name

Maria the name Vera it is recognized as purely Russian name, but actually it was inherited from Ancient Greek language, a literal translation of the Greek name Pistis.

The true sense of this name was lost over time therefore on the Russian soil it began to mean belief.

Maria the name which came from Hebrew language.

Having finally fixed in language, it began to bear bitter value, however in the initial version which is very difficult for restoring, the name Maria had opposite value favourite, desired.

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A threestage

A threestage Then the child a pencil draws a line on paper, measures result and writes down in cm and mm.


Then by means of a ruler measures growth of a doll and writes down rezultat.

A threestage lesson about decimeters and meters by means of color strips: dm = cm, m = cm.

By means of a roulette the child measures a chair, a table, a case.

Writes down results in cm, dm and l.

The comment A particular interest causes process of measurement of the growth, growth of companions, the teacher.

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