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The third

The third The second section included igryuprazhneniye in the course of which acquaint children with problem practical situations, learn to analyze these situations and to use predmetyzamestitel.

The third section is made by igryuprazhneniye during which at preschool children ways of orientation in the conditions of a problem practical task, and also a method of tests as the main way of the solution of naglyadnodeystvenny tasks are formed.

The fourth section contains igryuprazhneniye on definition of the reason which broke the habitual course of action or the phenomenon.

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To remember

To remember Rostock cried: A rook, help!

The caterpillar wants to eat me.

The Rook heard the Sprout voice, grabbed the Caterpillar and was such is.

Thanked him Rostock.

And turned into the handsome Podsolnukh in the summer and treated a rook with the sunflower seeds.

Subject: SPRING To consider together with the child of the picture.

To remember and call seasons.

To specify sequence of change of seasons.

To ask the child, whether he knows, what season now?

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E prod. M. : Academic

E prod. M. : Academic N.

Violations of reading and the letter at children.


, Logopedics.

Under the editorship of L.


Volkova, S.



M, Luriya A.


the Highest cortical functions of the person and their violation at local damages of a brain.

e prod.


: Academic project, Methods of inspection of the speech of children: A grant on diagnostics of speech violations Under the general editorship of the prof.

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The footwear

The footwear Sandals, shoes, boots, trousers.

The footwear is washed, erased, carried, wiped.

The footwear is sewed, washed, ironed, given.

Exercise Who without what?

: People need to repair footwear, and they came to the shoemaker.

Connect lines footwear and its owner.

Make offers on a sample: The father without sneaker.


Consider footwear in a workshop of the shoemaker and tell, whose footwear and without what details was brought to him on repair.

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A few years

A few years If you did not work, you fined for shilling Some, including and several teachers, with pleasure got off with penalties.

From those who worked, the majority constantly looked at the watch.

In work there was even no game shadow and consequently, it caused boredom in all.

The law was put again for discussion, and children cancelled it almost unanimously.

A few years ago the insulator was necessary for Sammerkhill for patients.

We decided to construct it the simple building of a brick and cement.

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This field

This field If frustration extends on the speech movements, there are errors of a choice of articulation ways, mixture of relatives artikuly Zritelnoprostranstvenny information is processed by tertiary fields of the second functional the block which are zones of overlapping of parietal and occipital areas.

This field integrates activity of kinestetichesky and visual analyzers.

This component of functional system of reading provides orientation to the page planes, observance of sequence of reading of words, lines etc.

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It is under

It is under The timid personality tries to hide behind a safe curtain of passive anonymity, endowing freedom, disappearing from vital passions.

It is under such circumstances easier to achieve blind obedience, and fanatical grassroots movements easily find stalwarts.

Each of us seeks to lead the filled, rich life.

To reach it, we have to be liberated, destroy internal barriers, find new friends, begin new novels.

It is not simple.

But there are certain ways how to help timid people to find confidence.

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